Handle Bar


**Long overdue posting.**

Went Handle Bar with ZhenZhen on Wednesday.

When we go Handle Bar, it can only be because of 1 thing. Fish and Chips!!!!

Well, ZhenZhen owes me one fish and chips cause she bet that I’ll pass my IPPT.

I’ve mentioned many times that Handle Bar serves the best fish and chip I’ve ever tasted. They have 2 kinds of Fish N Chips, Beer Battered and Breaded. Both taste just as good. The Fish is so soft that you can actually eat without using the knife.

The fish and chips comes with a huge servings of fries. We actually wanted to order another plate of cheese fries. Their cheese fries are great too. But the waitress told us that the fish and chip itself has a lot of fries already. She suggested having the cheese on top of the fish and chip’s fries. Cool. Next time remember to ask them to put cheese on the fries. Make it taste even better.

Still craving for more……

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