Long overdued X-mas present

Met up with Jessie tonight for dinner. She is my ex-gf. We broke up for around 4 years already. But it is nice to still keep in contact and meet up once in awhile for dinner. We last met in Oct 05.

We had dinner and a good chat. We seem to have endless topic to talk about. Talk about friends and work and her soon to be husband. Oh, she is getting married this coming Oct.

The funniest thing we talk about was the event that trigger her to sms me today to meet up.

She need to log into some old system in office today and was searching for the password. She finally found the password written in some book. And the password is actually our name combined together. Goes to show that they haven’t been using that thing for more than 4 years. Haha.

Then I told her about this box that I have in my drawer for the past 4 years. It contains many memories of the times when we were together. I sealed it up few months after we broke off and kept it in the drawer. I came across it during spring cleaning and open it up for a peek. There are a few interesting things inside the box. Like the movie ticket stud for our first movie date. A keychain she gave me. Some paper hearts with wording inside. Actually I wanted to return the box to her, since that I have no more feelings for her anymore.

Then there was this X-mas present that I got for her back in 2003 but never got the chance to give it to her. It is a wallet card holder. Remember she was saying that she need a wallet to hold card back then. So I got her a wallet with alot of card slot. Almost similar to the one that I got her while we were together.

We did meet quite a couple of times after X-mas 03, but I keep forgetting to bring that present out. So we left our dinner place and drove home. She waited for me at the carpark while I went up to get the present.

“Merry X-mas”, I said to her when I passed her the present.

Ya, Merry X-mas, 2 year and 3 months late……

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  1. I also have a sealed box which contains all the sweet memories and stuffs my ex and I used to share.

    It’s now collecting dust at the bottom of my old computer table for 4 years already, I think.

    I don’t think my ex and I would ever meet up again.

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