Budget dinner, Budget entertainment and the whole garden

Went to company dinner last night. 1 word best describe everything, BUDGET.
See the menu and you know why.

Sweetcorn soup with shredded crabmeat? Wah Piang….

Oh ya, someone keep complaining that they didn’t even give us peanuts before the dinner is being served. You know, usually when you go wedding dinner, they would give each table a plate of peanuts. We got none. They saving on peanuts too?

Suddenly I feel worried for my rice bowl. The is the worst Company dinner I’ve ever been in 3 yrs. Is company really doing that bad? Is it time to hit the panic button and start sending out resume? I wonder.

Oh, the door gift is a remote control holder. -_-”’
I’m thinking of putting soil in it and grow plants.

Budget dinner always comes with budget entertainment. When you are on a tight budget, there are 2 things you can do:-
1) Get a talented staff on stage to perform.
2) Get the big boss on stage and sing a song.

The organising committee did both. 1 of the organising committee happen to know how to play the piano. So he went on stage to play a few tunes on the piano. Not bad, but not my kind of music. Then they invite our big boss up on stage to sing with the piano as background music.

As you would know, his singing is abit the eerr… you know lah. Usually, if the performance sucks, I would just go to the rest room. But this is different. You can’t leave your table when you big boss is performing. Even if you need to visit the rest room urgently, you still have to endure until he finish the song. After he finish singing, every clapped and cheered loudly. Bunch of hypocrites. Everyone claps because it is politically correct to do so. Nobody dare to walk out of the room during the performance. Nobody dare to jeer.

Well… who dares anyway. Nobody wants to receive a letter from HR first thing next monday morning right?

The lucky draw isn’t that fantastic too. Only 22 prizes. Argh. Like that where got chance? Anyway, Xuanz won the 1st prize, which is a iPaq worth around $2000. I remember we used to have better 1st prize in the past.

The dinner ended at around 10:30pm. Could had finished earlier if not for some boring games and low budget magic show by the MC. But salute to the organising committee. This must be one of the hardest company dinner ever to organise. The budget is too tight. Everyone can feel it. Guess they already tried their best to work with the tight budget.

Went Amara Hotel with some colleagues for a drink after dinner. It has been a long time since we sit down for a beer and a nice chat. Everyone has their personal commitment and couldn’t meet up for a drink. I miss those days when we would sometimes go for a drink on friday night after work. Now that everyone is married or drives a car, we hardly have time for drinking session. Even if there is 1, the guys won’t drink much.

I drank the whole garden. I mean Hoegaarden. Been wanting to try out Hoegaarden since reading about it from Fireangel and Suanie.

Great beer. Very light, very smooth.

We ordered 1 pint each at first. The glass was huge. Feel so shoik when holding the glass.

Well, we had a good chat. But we didn’t drink much. Cause 1 is driving and married, 2 married and another one is getting married soon. Cannot drink much cause scare wife will nag. I had 2 pint while the rest had either 1 pint to 1 1/2 pint. Wanted to go for another pint actually. But gave up the idea cause the rest didn’t drink much.

Oh ya, Amara Hotel is having this promotion when you spend $100 and above. All you need to do is to take the receipt and flyer to the Alfa Romeo car showroom and test drive their new Alfa GT and they will give you a $50 dining voucher.

Hmmm…. maybe I should go have a try. Even though I can’t afford the car.

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