This semester is tough

This semester is tough. Instead of the usual 1 year semester, it has been reduced to 1/2 year. The workload is still the same. Just that everything squeezed together. Esp assignment. 1 assignment due ever 2 weeks compared to 1 assignment due every 1 mth.

Can hardly breathe.

I just submitted an assignment that is confirm flank 1. I under estimate the module. I thought it would be easy. I skipped a couple of lesson. And I’m stuck with the assignment. And the lecture notes and course material doesn’t make sense to me.

I just tried to savage as many marks as I can.

Its not easy studying and working at the same time. Esp when I didn’t put in much effort to revise my school work. I’ve been idling too much. Time to buck up.


  1. Hey, agree with you this semester is crap. But this semester is gonna be over soon for me in about 2 weeks time.

    Oh well, am with you DK! Take care!

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