Platonic friendship

Do you believe in platonic friendship?

Its funny that I do. Esp after my first gf broke off with me and go into a new relationship with her close friend shortly after. I knew they were close friends. They meet every weekend. I didn’t mind them meeting. Anyway, he is not the only reason why that relationship failed.

But how come I still believes in platonic friendship?

Because I was in 1 before. Her name is Rachel. Although we already lost contact, but I’ll never forget this platonic friendship we had. We were great friends. I call her my buddy. Most guys’ would have male buddies, but mine is a lady.

Is it possible to keep a platonic friendship even when both are attached? Yes, it is possible, but difficult. It requires a lot of factors. Firstly, both friends have to draw the line clearly. There are some things that friends shouldn’t do. There are some things that friends shouldn’t say. There are some things that friends shouldn’t think about. These things must be clear.

And it also requires a lot of trust by their partners. Trust that their partner will not cross the line. Trust that their partner’s heart is always with them. Trust that their partner and his/her friend is purely platonic friendship and nothing else. End of the day, it boils down to whether they trust their partner or not.

And how to gain trust? Trust cannot be built up within days. It need long term assurance thru speech and actions. Most importantly, never lie to your partner. If you are going out with a friend of the opposite sex, then be truthful about it. Never lie about it. Let your partner know where you are going and assure him/her that is just a friend meet up. Let your partner knows your activities and be contactable via handphones. Basically, be truthful and never attempt to hide any details.

As partners, you have to accept the fact that it is already 2006 and it is common to have close friends of the opposite sex. If your partner is truthful about his/her platonic friend, then it means that he/she isn’t doing anything unfaithful to you and has nothing to hide from you. Since he/she isn’t hiding anything from you, then you shouldn’t restrict his circle of friends. If you disallow them from meeting, he/she might end up lying to you so that you don’t know that they are meeting. Isn’t that worst? So long as he/she is truthful and doesn’t hide anything, there shouldn’t be anything regarding the friendship.

But if you feel that there is something wrong with the so call platonic friendship, then its time you sit down and talk to your partner about it.

Platonic friendship is possible if both party is committed towards each other.

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