When is your farewell party?

I told T and LH about this today afternoon during kopi. Never go much into the details with them. Perhaps I should do it here.

I feel like quitting my job.

Ok, this is not the 1st time I’m saying this. But the feeling this time is rather strong.

Change of sub team
There has been a re-org in my team lately. I’ve been posted to another subteam. Doing “almost” the same thing, but quite unfamilar with the things I’m suppose to do. I don’t like the feeling. I’ve been quite strong in the stuff that I used to be doing. Now I’m transfered to another subteam and have to start over again. Relearn some stuff and built up myself again. Its like starting all over again.

Me is no like.

Boring task
The thing about this subteam is that the task are all simple task. Those that close 1 eyes also can do. But tedious because every small request u do, u need to update tons of document. End up, I find myself doing more documentation than programming. And I hate documentations although I’m the ISO coordinator. And there is no big request at all. All the small small request that doesn’t value add yourself in the team.

Me is sianz.

Lack of trust
Then the sub teamlead of the new team doesn’t really trust my job. Firstly, I’m new in the subteam. 2ndly, the person whom I took over is very careless and made alot of errors. Because of that, the sub teamlead is very scare of things done by other. I don’t mind if you check my work. In fact, I love it when you check my work. But he is scare until he wants me to do some stupid preventive measures to prevent SIMPLE ERRORS.

For example, the previous person made an error once when she didn’t check the insertion log. There was actually an error in her insertion but she didn’t notice. So the sub teamlead expect me to keep a log of all the insertion. But hell. I’ve been in the company for 3 years already. Inserting got error, I would had seen it. Why is there a need to include my insertion log for you to double check? And I’m only inserting 8 bloody lines. 8 lines only!!! Would I be careless to miss error msg?

Then there was once the previous person forgot to commit update sql statement. Thus the changes were not commited into the server. So the sub teamlead started checking to ensure that the SQL script have commit command. BUT I usually don’t put the word commit in my SQL file. I prefer to commit MANUALLY. Besides, if I don’t have the commit statement in the script, I can still rollback if there is an error. AND HEY, I been working for so long already, do you think I’ll make careless mistake as not to commit the changes I made?

I know the previous person did alot of careless mistakes. But if you want me to work for you, you have to trust me. Without trust, how do you expect me to work well with you?

Me is pissed.

Big request
Our team have this big request coming. It is, in my own word, mother of all request. The whole request is very huge. Impacting many teams and expecting to take a few months to finish. It is a request that allows you to show your abilities. The request was assigned to my previous subteam. I had a chance of doing some initial studies on the request before I was transfered. It is huge. I keep saying that the request is tedious and killer. But deep down inside, I wanted to do it badly to show my bosses my abilities to coordinate such big project. It is a great chance for me.

But now that I’ve moved to another subteam, I will not be so involved in the request. Although the request will also impact my subteam, but my role has greatly been reduced.

Whenever I chat with my ex sub teamlead, I would ask her about the request. She jokingly ask me today if I’m interested in the request, and if I am, she can request that I be assigned to do it. But I decline saying it is a killer. But DEEP DOWN INSIDE, I really wish I could take up this request. But it isn’t nice to take it up. After all, I’m being transfered to another subteam already. This is no longer my subteam’s project. It is not nice to go request from my teamlead to take up this request.

Me is tu-lan.

Moving office
Office is shifting to AMK in early May. I live in Jurong. It will take 1hr plus for me to travel to my new workplace. This is sickening. And to make thing worst, the table assigned to me is the worst among my team. Right infront of the meeting room door. Everytime people walk out of the meeting room will see my montior and what am I doing. Totally no privacy.

Me is sick.

I think I’m almost to the brim already. I was telling T and EH that if I wanna resign, it would be before 4th Apr. Why 4th Apr? Because we are moving to the new office on 4th May. We need 1 month advance notice to resign. If I want to leave, I’ll leave before moving. After moving, I think I’ll stay for a few months before deciding.

So when is my farewell party?
I’m trying to endure now. If another thing/person pushes me again between now till 4th Apr, I’ll just submit the letter. If after 4th Apr I haven’t throw the letter, that means I’ll be staying, at least for a few more months.

So how? Any colleagues reading this? If you hate me, just throw some Sai Kang to me and I’ll be gone.

Me is tired.


  1. If you are thinking of resigning anyway, I would suggest at least requesting to be transferred back to your original team to work on the “Big Request”. If your request is not granted, then at least you had tried and you can leave without regrets.

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