Angry but not telling…

Have you ever been angry with someone, but didn’t tell him/her about it?

I was chatting with someone over dinner few days ago when she told me that she was angry over someone regarding somethings. And she didn’t told that guy that she is angry with him. In fact, the guy called her and she talked to him as usual.

I didn’t what come to me, but my 1st respond to her was “Why you gals always does this?”

Perhaps I was a victim of such treatment in the past too. And I think I also did that to sometimes.

I remember roughly 1 year ago I did that to someone. So happen that she was also angry with me too. So the both of us didn’t talk to each other for roughly 1 month because we were both angry. And we refuse to tell each other what went wrong and what we were angry about. So everything built up like a pressure cooker until it exploded one day.

Thinking back, its rather stupid to do such a thing. Why be angry with someone and not let the person know? In the end, they still lives their life as normal and you get angry without anyone knowing. And they will not do anything to make up for the mistake because they don’t even know the problem in the 1st place.

Nowadays, I try to tell the person that I’m angry with them and the reason. At least when they die, they can still tell the staff downstair how and why they die.


  1. Best way to terkan ppl is to let the person die without knowing wat is the actual reason until he reached downstair

    Voice from the dark side………

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