Dark Waters

My block is having the lift upgrading stuff. Its good that they are doing the upgrading now so that the upgrade thingy will not be used as a bargaining chip during the coming elections. So regardless who won the elections for our GRC, I’ll still have lift at my door steps. Cool huh? 😀

Anyway, the workers were doing some stuff at the roof today doing some drilling and stuff. Think they are doing something to the water tank.

When I turn on the tap, I got this……

Doesn’t it reminds you of dark water?
Yaks…. luckily we don’t drink water straight from the tap.

I don’t remember inspecting the water before I brush my teeth. Is the water already dirty when I brush my teeth? Or is it dirty after I brush my teeth? I was half awake when I was brushing….. and I seriously cannot remember the colour of the water…. OH NO……

DAMN…. I’m going to brush my teeth again… this time with drinking water we boiled last night.



  1. That looks bad. They shuld have warned you all. Reminds me of a story my colleague told that when they finished drinking all the water in the kettle they found a dead lizard inside that they hadn’t noticed cos they didnt’ take the top off. eeks!

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