A roof you cannot afford

Just had a senseless argument with my dad. Don’t know what is wrong with him.

For no reason, my dad suddenly ask me if I want to be a slave for a new house. He wanted to sell off the current house and upgrade. We are living in a 4 room flat. He is not thinking of 5 room or EC….. He is thinking of landed property. Crazy.

Lets get the background straight. I just started working 3 years ago. I’m holding a Diploma and doing part time Degree program. Dad has his own business but is not doing very well. Thus, he has not been taking pay from the company for quite some time.

Like that how to buy landed property? Even after selling off the current HDB flat, I still have to pay a lot of money every month. How do I get the money to pay the monthly installment with my current pay? And to add on, my dad bought a lot of insurance for me while I was still in school. Now that I’m working, I have to pay those insurance myself. And seriously, sometimes I wonder why I need so much insurance? I’m a analyst programmer. The only danger I have everyday is crossing the road and switching on the PC!

Maybe he was just day dreaming. I told him the reality and he doesn’t seem happy that I spoilt his dream. What follows is a string of senseless argument. He was saying things like last time he also buy this house and feed 5 people in the family. Somemore his education level lower and earning lesser than what I’m earning now. And I don’t need to feed anyone.

But he fail to see that the living standard in the past and now is different. Last time, $1.50 can buy a packet of chicken rice. He forgot that he don’t have to pay insurance in the past. And our 4 room HDB flat can be paid by CPF. Landed property can meh? I don’t know. And I don’t have anyone to feed now, doesn’t mean I forever don’t have anyone to feed. So how do I have kids in the future if I have to slave myself to pay for a land property?

Did he ever think about these issue? And he is saying 船到桥头自然直. WHAT? You want me to buy something that we cannot afford now and struggle every month just to satify your dream? What if the boat doesn’t go straight? What if I suddenly lose my job? What if I got some illness and need money for treatments?

This is perhaps 1 of the reason why some people go bankrupt. Buying something you cannot afford.

The argument slowly evolved to whether I capable of buying a HDB flat now. WTF. I just started working for 3 years. I can buy a HDB flat now, but I will need to struggle to support it. It is hard to support a flat alone. What for I go create such trouble for myself?

This is so senseless. Yes, we can daydream. But there is a time where reality sets in.


  1. Hmm maybe ur dad wanna move hse change environment leh?

    Ask him whether is it necessary to stay in EC nt lo. Since there’s only the 2 of u!!

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