Test Simi??

Ok, this is another work rant…..

The stuff I’m doing at my new sub team is slightly different from what I was doing in my previous sub team. The biggest different is the process. In my old sub team, our codings usually went thru only 1 group of external testers. These external testers are “quite good” at testing. Although I don’t really like their teamlead. But anyway, they are quite good at testing.

But at the new sub team, our coding went thru 2 groups of tester. 1 is group is internal tester and the other groups is the external tester. Basically, they are testing the same stuff. And before giving the tester the codes, I would have already done 1 set of testing myself too. While I see the need for the external tester, I really don’t know why the heck do we need those internal tester. They are testing the same thing as the external tester.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind too much if the internal testers are as good as the external ones….. but they are not. I seriously don’t know what are they testing. Firstly, they mess up the testing scenarios. Pumping in tons of messy data which make verifications difficult. Those scenarios are near impossible to get in real business world. Anyway, its ok for messy scenarios. The main problem is, they don’t know how to verify if the testing is correct or wrong.

I repeat again….. The internal tester don’t know how to verify if the testing results is correct or wrong. If that is the case, then what are you for? All they need to do is to pump in data to my codes and generate the results. Then they print out the records and come to ask me if it is correct or not. So I need to waste 2 hours of my time doing the checking and teaching them how to check if the results are correct or wrong. Might as well save it and let me do the testing myself.

Seriously, it is very easy to pump in data. The hard part is to verify that the results and do the first level investigation. They can’t even verify the results, how are they going to do investigation. WHY do we need a group of degree holder internal testers when all they know is how to pump in data? I don’t need a degree holder to pump in data. This kind of job is for O level holders. ANY tom, dick or harry can do that. We need someone who can verify the results and do investigations.

And the whole team of internal tester can’t do that.

After that 2 hour session, I wanted to ask him 1 question….. “Then you test simi?” All you do is pump in data only. I’m the 1 who verify the results. I’m the 1 who do the 1st level verifications. What were you doing?

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