Camera in hospital

Ok, I procrastinated for too long. Finally send my Canon Ixus 400 to repair. It has been spoilt for couple of months. The switch to select between camera mode and preview mode is faulty. I have been delaying the repair because I don’t really need the camera lately. Who needs a digital camera when your handphone is 2megapixel? Haha

Hong Jia recommend me this place call Camera Hospital. Its somewhere near paradiz centre. It is a very small shop that just do camera repair.

The guy took a look at my Camera and ask “You drop the camera before?”. Nope. I didn’t. The the guy show me a spilt between the camera and said this could only be cause by dropping. Hmm…. the last person who use the camera is my sister….

So I gave my sis a call.

Sis: Eeerrr….
Me: Wah ciao, drop camera don’t say!
Sis: I didn’t tell u meh? Hehe

Suddenly, everything start to make sense. She offered to pay for the repair the moment I told her the camera is faulty. No wonder she so good. So she is the one who cause the damange. CHEY….

Anyway, the guy said he need 2 days to repair the camera. Need to replace a chip inside the camera.

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