Why is it that everytime after making up my mind, someone will surely come along and derail me again?

Received a call from a ex-colleague on Friday night. He has a lobang for me. A headhunter approach him and offered him a job. But he is quite happy with his current job now. So the headhunter ask if he know anyone suitable for the job and he recommended me.

Its nice to know that someone actually thinks of you when they have a job offer on hand. It is like a confirmation that you are good in your job. But his phone call set me thinking…. Should I give it a try? After all, my mind is more or less set at staying on for another year.

I look at the requirements for the job. I didn’t meet some of the requirements. But heck, who cares? The pay seems good. There is a need to travel overseas sometimes. The only think I don’t like is that you need to be able to provide support to client 24/7.

Someone’s comment set me into another deep thinking. “What do you want in a job?”

Few weeks back, I wanted career advancement and good learning opportunities. I wasn’t much bothered by the pay. (in fact, I even thought of going jobless for a few months) I wouldn’t mind traveling oversea. In fact, I would love to travel oversea.

That was few weeks ago. Thinks have changed slightly.
I still wanted career advancement and learning opportunities. But I also wanted money. Lots of them. (Who doesn’t anyway?) And I don’t really feel like traveling oversea now…. unless it is short terms.

I don’t know. There is no such thing as best of both worlds. Surely there will be some stuff that you don’t like bundled together. I think there should be some give and take.

Maybe I’ll update my resume and see my market worth.


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