Crappy module selection

This is so so F**K up….

Last year, when the school announce that they are going to convert from 1 semester per yr to 2 semester per year, I was very happy. It means that I can actually finish my course 6 month ahead of what is planned if I squeeze my modules abit. The workload is going to be heavy if I try to squeese everything together, but the chance of able to finish everything 6mth earlier is worth the effort.

So I selected 2 modules for the 1st semester of 2006. It was a tough year as everything is jam packed.

Then come the module selection for 2nd semester of 2006. I need to complete 4 more modules to finish my part time degree course. Then the shock came. 3 of the modules that I need to take are NOT AVAILABLE for 2nd semester!!! I stare at the screen. I have nothing to say.

This means, I can’t finish my degree course 6mth earlier as we can only take max 2 modules per semester. And this also means I’ll be taking 1 module for the next semester.

Imagine…. Me clicking on the module selection webpage and only see 1 course for me to choose. and I actually got 4 modules more to go…..

This is so F**K up. Ever since they change the semester system, everything is in a mess. Argh…. Will only get my degree at end of 2007. Damn….

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