Crime Library told to remove missing person's posters

Was reading yesterday’s newspaper when I saw an article saying that LTA has asked Crime Library to remove the missing person’s posters that their volunteers put up at bus stop and walkways. Crime library could face a fine of $2000 if the posters are not removed.

Crime library is a non-profit organisation. It is doing the public a service by posting pictures of missing person, hoping that they could be found and reunited with their family. Why can’t the law be relaxed on them?

The LTA spokeperson said that the “illegal advertisements” may also obstruct passerby or distract driver and pose a safety hazard.

Distraction to driver? Safety hazard? Hmmm…..

Campaigning starts as volunteers rush to hang up banners, posters

Over at Aljunied GRC, PAP volunteers were busy hanging nearly 3,000 posters at places identified as having the highest human traffic – such as main roads, traffic junctions and bus stops.

I guess it is quite dangerous to drive from now till election is over.

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  1. I think both LTA and Crime Library should work together for the better good.
    As much as I understand LTA not to open can of worms for anyone to paste posters all over the place, the reasons that they gave are super crappy. Lets not be blind about all these, LTA.

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