Have you ever been angry with someone, but didn’t tell him/her about it?

I was chatting with someone over dinner few days ago when she told me that she was angry over someone regarding somethings. And she didn’t told that guy that she is angry with him. In fact, the guy called her and she talked to him as usual.

I didn’t what come to me, but my 1st respond to her was “Why you gals always does this?”

Perhaps I was a victim of such treatment in the past too. And I think I also did that to sometimes.

I remember roughly 1 year ago I did that to someone. So happen that she was also angry with me too. So the both of us didn’t talk to each other for roughly 1 month because we were both angry. And we refuse to tell each other what went wrong and what we were angry about. So everything built up like a pressure cooker until it exploded one day.

Thinking back, its rather stupid to do such a thing. Why be angry with someone and not let the person know? In the end, they still lives their life as normal and you get angry without anyone knowing. And they will not do anything to make up for the mistake because they don’t even know the problem in the 1st place.

Nowadays, I try to tell the person that I’m angry with them and the reason. At least when they die, they can still tell the staff downstair how and why they die.

I read the news report on CNA with amazement.

Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Balaji Sadasivan added that streaming of videos during campaigning would also be prohibited.

He was addressing a question in Parliament on Monday about the use of new technologies on the internet during hustings.

Pictures of candidates, party histories and manifestos are on the “positive list” and are allowed to be used as election advertising on the internet.

Newer internet tools like podcasting do not fall within this “positive list”.

I bet he will win that “Just shut up” Award again this year.

While rushing to fix the error I’ve created, someone emailed me saying her team made an error too. They were lucky to spot their error earlier. The impact is not great too.

So I help them solve the error and prevent the error from reaching customer. Her boss send me a “big thank you email” when everything was done.

While I managed to save your team, nobody could save me. Sometimes, its sad to be at the bottom of the workflow. If someone make an error, the error data will reach my side and I might still be able to fix it before it reaches customer. If I make an error, who is there to save me?

Perhaps I should request to transfer to some team that is higher up the workflow.

Went to Tea Chapter on saturday after a heavy platter for 2 at Fish n Co.

I’ve heard of the place before, but never been there. We aren’t even sure if its still around.

The place is very nice. Very peaceful and serene. We sat at the korean style seats. Didn’t get to go up to the 3rd floor to see other style. But after looking at the picture in the website, I think korean style is the best.
I’m more of a coffee person. But the tea we had was great. Its call Imperial Golden Cassia. They said Queen Elizabeth drank that tea too when she visited the place in 1989.

Should visit that place again. Its a nice place to chill. Must choose the korean style sitting so that can stretch leg. Haha.

The past few days are not easy. Fought many internal battle with myself. Accepting the fact that I’ve once again created an error and broken all records. Yes, I’m once again the record holder for the biggest mistake. I was the holder of that record around 3 years ago when I just joined the company, but the record was broken by someone 2 years ago.

When you are in trouble, you start to see the true colours of people around u. I see how good my teamlead was. He was encouraging and didn’t put any blame on me. My director was on the other end of the scale. I see colleagues coming forward to offer their assistance to help clean up the error. I turn them down because I don’t want to trouble them. I turn them down because I want to rebuilt my ego myself.

There is one thing that I’m quite good at doing, and that is cleaning up error data. I’ve cleaned up countless error data. Some by china outsource staff, some by users, some by colleagues and some by myself. It is at least the last thing I think I can do correctly. And I decide to do it myself, without the help of anyone.

I still don’t know what they going to do about it. The whole issue is surely going all the way to the top. Maybe I’ll get fired. Maybe I’ll get a warning letter from HR. Maybe they’ll just let it pass with a warning to me. I don’t know and I don’t want to think too much.

I’m still thinking if it is time to quit the job. S has been very encouraging when he knows that I have intention to leave. He send me his resign letter for me as reference. All I need to do is to change the name, date and reason for leaving since he was from the same dept as me last time. He even send me a link in jobsdb that is employing people with experience with the stuff I’m currently doing. Thanks dude.

I’m starting to see a chance to perform in the new sub team. I don’t know if I should hang on and see where this chance will lead me to. I’m still undecided.

And at my darkest moment, you are somewhere near me, reachable via msn, sms or email. You took my mind off the troubles and cheered me up. Although you think that you did nothing, but you never know how much impact you have on me. Thanks for being by my side at the moment when I needed you most.

Someone ask me this, How do you define love and like?

Like = Xi Huan
Love = Ai.

The degree is different.
Love is when you think of the person everyday. When you want to give her the best. When you feel happy when she is around. When you are willing to do anything for her.

But isn’t that the same as like?

I was struggling to give an answer. And after awhile, I came to realise that actually, there is no answer.

Love cannot be defined. It has no shape or actions. It has no sound or shadow.

Love is a feeling. A feeling that is hard to describe.
If it can be explained with few words, then it is no longer called love anymore.