Goodbye my camera

I think the camera is more or less dead.

The doctor at camera hospital said that he need to replaced the switch. He also mentioned that there was something wrong with the sensor when he did the repair. But after awhile, it was ok already. So he ask if it is ok to go ahead with the repair, I said yes.

I guess the sensor is just acting strangely since it was dropped on the floor and haven’t been used for a few months. I guess it should be alright after awhile.

I was wrong…..

Went to collect the camera today. Managed to take a few picture at the shop. Still alright. The repairman reminded me about the sensor. I told him it is ok. After all, there is no problem when we tested it. But he said that he can only give me warranty on the switch, and he cannot cover other problems since the camera has been dropped on the floor.

The camera was still ok in the shop. But when I reach home, the sensor started giving me problem. The image appears darker and blur. Damn…. the sensor problem is back.

I guess there is nothing I can do now. The camera is more or less gone. Shouldn’t had ask the person to go ahead with the repair. Made a wrong choice. Guess I was too eager to get it fixed.

Goodbye my camera. Thanks for all the happy memories you captured…..

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