Laugh if you want

Those who know me personally will roll on the floor and laugh after reading this post. But I’m not joking…..

I’ve been wanting to take up Salsa for quite some time.

Ok, laugh if you want.

Still thinking of taking up the lesson at Jitterbugs. But its kinda expensive and I’m afraid I might lose interest halfway.

Our company also have salsa course for employee. Its alot cheaper but heard that the instructor is not as good as the ones in Jitterbugs. Wanted to try taking lesson at my company first to try out, and if I’m really interested, then take up the more expensive course at Jitterbugs.

But then, I discovered that someone I don’t like is taking the course too. And he is no longer an employee in the company. Argh…. Why is he still enjoying the benifits of employee when he already resigned more than 1 yr already? Argh.

Will not take up the course at company. The last thing I want to do is to learn to dance salsa with him around. Think I’ll wait for the next class opening or try Jitterbugs.


  1. Why would anybody laugh? I don’t think it is funny that you wanna learn Salsa. In fact, I think it’s a great idea! I’ve been trying to find time from my busy schedule to learn dancing too.. Still deciding between Salsa and Hip Hop. Most likely will choose Hip Hop.

  2. Hip Hop betta!!!
    But my colleague is psychoing me to salsa… -_-“
    Not that i don’t like salsa or ostrasize it, i prefre hiphop music.

    Well, till i get out of shit hole, then i think i have energy for ECAs.


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