66.13% is considered a strong mandate?

Elections over liao right? Can talk politics? I think so. 😀
So here goes.

When Workers Party send a team of young cadidate to challange the Prime Minister, the media labelled them as Suicide Squat.

PAP’s Chairman Mr Lim Boon Heng said he expect PM Lee to get at least 80 percent votes.

PM Lee says he would try his best to make sure it costs them some money. (Candidates who get less than 12.5 per cent of the vote will lose their $13,500 deposit.)

Everyone knows that the WP team will lose. But nobody expect them to get 33.87% of the votes. I mean, hey, this is the PM you all are against. And the 6 of you are unknowns 9 days ago. And you guys can get such high percentage?

To Abdul Salim, Gopal Krishnan, Han Su May, Lee Wai Leng, Melvin Tan and Yaw Shin Leong: Congrats. A job well done.

WP merely throw 6 newbies and they can manage to get 33% votes against the PM? What if the WP send a stronger team to AMK?

PM Lee said he wanted a strong mandate for this elections. His AMK GRC is the 3rd worst performing GRC after Aljunied and East Coast.

But he said that he is happy with this result.

Is 66.13% considered a strong mandate?

Prime Minister Sir, I think you better go back and think about this. Has Singapore given you a strong mandate? I don’t think so.


  1. i think residents of amk, are trying to put across a msg to PM Lee… and if he still doesn’t get the msg… then for the next election, he’ll see a jump (up) of WP statistics, like what happened to the rest.


  2. Also, they seem keep comparing themselves with the previous few elections instead of the one in 2001. KEPT insisting that they had done betta. Why not compare with the previous one and emphasize they need to do something about it? Instead of KEEP self ‘comforting’ that they are actually doing better. (faint)… THey just like to make themselves look good, yet they’re actually in a not-very-good situation.
    Save face also not like that one man.

    Shan again

  3. Yeap, instead of admitting that the people are not as supportive as before, they claim that the so call mandate is strong….

    This is pretty sad.

  4. You guys forget, the PAP never ever admits they’re either in the wrong or are in a position of weakness, no matter how slight. They think they’re heads and shoulders above us mere mortals. That, in any reasonable person’s book, is called arrogance.

  5. No, die PAP, die, as you inevitably will by the grace of God one day not too far away. Repressive regimes will always fall unexpectedly and spectacularly when they do.

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