Be careful when warning about the consequences

I read the news as if its the comic recently.

So, the police found that Gomez did commit the offence of using threatening words towards a public servant. They invited him over for coffee 3 times regarding a short conversation at the election dept. I hope they are using those cheap $0.80 coffee instead of those expensive espresso coffee from Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

So, he is guilty of criminal intimidation. But they not going to charge him. Instead, he is just given a stern warning.

Come on, if he is really guilty, charge him. Bring him to court. Fined him to claim back those coffee money! All you police officers’ salary and money to buy coffee are from the taxpayers. How can you all anyhow waste the money?

Do you know what’s the implication? Something must happen.

Opps. I’m sorry. I was distracted. Please accept my sincere apologies if my actions caused any distress or confusion.

Damn…. Must remind myself to take extra care when talking to public servants in the future. Cannot warned a public servant of any “consequences”. Its considered criminal intimidation. Can fine $5000 and jail up to 1 year.

Imagine, 1 year without broadband……

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