The Wrong Guy

Watch the clip 1st before reading futher….

Found anything wrong with the interview??

What if I tell you, that this person is actually there for a job interview, and was mistaken for the actual expert and drag on live TV?

Don’t believe?

Read this.

Guy Goma, a graduate from the Congo, appeared on the news channel in place of an IT expert after a mix-up.

But Mr Goma, who was wrongly identified in the press as a taxi driver, was really at the BBC for a job interview.

Mr Goma said his appearance was “very stressful” and wondered why the questions were not related to the data support cleanser job he applied for.

The mix-up occurred when a producer went to collect the expert from the wrong reception in BBC Television Centre in West London.

Apperantly, they wanted to interview Guy Kewney, editor of End up, they got Guy Goma.

Indeed the wrong guy.

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