Barista conversation

I don’t know how many people notice, but Starbucks’ barista will try to chat with you while you are waiting for them to prepare your drink. Don’t really remember coffee bean’s barista doing that.

But seriously, there isn’t anything to talk about with a barista…..

Went to MW Starbucks today. I know I’ve mentioned that I prefer coffee bean many times, but then, the only decent coffee joint at MW is Starbucks and TCC. And I’ve been to TCC last week. So I decided to go Starbucks. If only they have a coffee bean at MW too.

Anyway, the starbucks is rather empty. Maybe its weekday and near closing hour. I just wanted a cup of coffee to destress myself. So the barista tried to chat with me while preparing the cafe mocha.

Barista: How is your day?

Me: eeerr….

At that quick second, I wonder…. should I really tell her that I’m having a terrible day? I got a exam to take and my revision is not going fine. I got my dad and sis bugging me whole night and the reason why I’m at starbucks is because I badly need a cup of coffee to ease myself.

So you asking me how is my day?

The frank answer is, today is a rotten day. But then, so what if I tell you that I have a bad day? Will that coffee be FOC? Will you put extra whip cream on top? Or will you sit at my table and chat a few minutes with me?

I doubt so….

Me: Oh, its a fine day.


  1. Heh! I also just went to Paragon Starbucks today and the barista tried chatting with me too. I was surprised. Personally, I prefer to be left alone while I mused on my own private thoughts.

    Barista: How are you today?
    Me: Fine. Thank you.
    Barista: Not working today?

    Er… do I explain to him I’m actually working but I can dress casual? Do I tell him that I’m actually having a meeting and my client is waiting for me to return with our coffee so can you please hurry up and cut the chit-chatting crap?

    Me: Yeah. Not working today.

  2. Mine’s even better…

    Barista: How u goin?
    Me: I am not goin anyway…
    Barista: No worries, mate
    Me: I am not worrying…

    Verdict: Aussie loves stupid conversation…

  3. First, can I just ask whats a barista..?

    Second, take it easy.. grit your teeth and carry on, thats the only way to tolerate life.. 🙂

  4. As an ex-starbucks barista, I can tell you that it is a job requirement to chat with customers while they’re waiting for their drinks. The purpose is to create some kinda friendly relationship with the customer. But most baristas don’t even like making small talk with customers. In my experience: 1) It feels stupid asking a customer “how’s you day” when the customer is clearly not interested in chatting 2) What is there to talk about with a stranger?? 3) If I’m not having a nice day, hearing about your nice day just makes me feel worse 4) Most of the time, we get puzzled looks from customers who wonder why we’re talking to them. It made me feel stupid.
    Just my two-cents worth.

  5. And it’s only in Singapore where Starbucks barista have problems making conversation. No wait, let me rephrase. It’s only with Singaporeans that they have these trouble. They have no issues when talking to foreigners who are much highly cultured when it comes to manners.

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