The door, the lock and the bell

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before. My desk in the new office is rather close to the door. As we are in a IT dept, there is no chio bu receptionist sitting near the door to welcome visitors each day. So its those people sitting close to the door that open the door when visitors come. The admins are sitting closer to the door, but they are seldom at their desk.

I don’t mind opening the door once in a while. But we have nearly 200 employees in the office and there are alot of visitors each day. I cannot keep walking to the door whenever a visitor press the door bell. I still need to work.

I’m sick of opening the door already. I decided to ignore the door bells. I’m not going to open the door. Not even when you press the door bell repeatly.

Call me selfish. But shouldn’t you be calling the person whom you are visiting to open the door for you instead?

The purpose of the lock is to prevent unauthorised people from entering the office.

But how am I suppose to know if someone is really a visitor or a thief?
Am I suppose to question them to see who they meeting?
Do I have to check their staff pass or note down their NRIC?

So far, we been opening the door for anyone who press the door bell and allowing them to enter without any question. Then why install a lock in the 1st place? Since any tom dick or harry can enter the office, why not just leave the main door open?

What is the purpose of the door, the lock and the bell?

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  1. totally agreed with you,but don’t feel frustration… least you are not alone…..HaHa
    I am facing exactly the same problem as you,and share the same thought as you too, so when I brought up the issue to the so call
    ” management” reasons given as below
    1) the boss want it !
    ( for you info,we are a listed company having 800 over staffs……. )
    2) modern Enterprise no need receptionist one,you are so back dated , don’t let people laugh at you ….what !! put a phone there……so many outside people use it,if they spoil it how ! who going to pay for it !!
    3) just open the door only,it wouldn’t take much time from you….the very most 1.5 minutes …… even if 30 visitors per day how long it take you….moreover you need really more exercise and.. and not very time open by you right….

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