Surprised when I look at the calander. We are already 1/2 way thru 2006. Another 6mth and it will be 2007.

Funny, feel like just counted down to 2006 few weeks back. haha.

Got a phone call from a telemarketer.

TM: Good Afternoon, I’m calling from lifestyle services.
(On hearing the company name “lifestyle services”)
Me: Sorry, I’m not interested.
TM: Sir, I haven’t told you anything.
Me: I know you going to say that I’ve won some lucky draw.
TM: No Sir, I just want to do a survey with you.
Me: Oh, then after the survey, u going to ask me to collect a free gift at your office in Delfi Orchard?
TM: **silence**
Me: Sorry, I’m not interested. Bye.

Had a meeting today. 1 of the key agenda is with regards to an audit finding.

Since the beginning of the project, our team has been sharing 1 user id to login to the main system to amend the codings. Auditor says this process lack accountability and must be changed. They want to remove that login id and suggested a new method of promoting codes which I find also full of security loopholes.

Why would we want to do unauthorized changes to the main coding?

Yes, there is a need for accountability. There is a need for control. But control must be moderated to a level where it does not obstruct the daily work. If the new method by the auditor is to be implemented, it is going to create alot of extra process for us. I hate auditors. All they care about is accountability and control. They don’t bother about how its going to affect the entire turnover timing.

It all boils down to trust. How much do you trust your employees?

So I suggested to my teamlead a solution:-
The whole team go say the Oath of allegiance infront of the CEO.

“I, *NRIC*, *TITLE* and *NAME*, pledge that I will not do unauthorized insertion, modification or deletion of the coding in the main system SIR!”

PS: Only my teamlead and I laugh because the rest of my teammates are either females or Non-Singaporeans.

Was assigned to give the users of another team a briefing on the process of handling request. After a short meeting on what to brief the users, I had a little chat with the teamlead of that team. He feels that this task will be my Key Performance Index or KPI for the year as I’m supposed to brief a director too. KPI is something that they use to judge your performance and decide how much increment you should get blah blah blah.

To me, I feel that my teamlead don’t even bother much about this task. The reason he asked me to do it is because someone has to do the job and he so happen to find me first. Whatever my performance at the briefing that I’m going to give mid next month will have totally no impact on my KPI.

But seriously, I don’t really bother about the so call KPI. So what if it is something that will affect my KPI? So what if it doesn’t? Its just a job assigned to me that I have to do. Do I need to put in extra efforts for task that will affect my KPI? Isn’t that abit fake?

I’m not like some people who chase those KPI stuff. I enjoy challenging task. KPI or not, I don’t give a damn.

I know my blog has popup windows. But I’ve been ignoring it because I have popup blocker installed on my home PC. But perhaps I shouldn’t rely too much on popup blockers. Perhaps I should fix the problem.

Suspecting it is the cbox that is causing the popups. That’s why I’ve removed it temporary to see if there is anymore popups.

Do drop me a comment if there is anymore popups. Somehow, even after disabling my popup blocker, some popups still ganna blocked.

My blocker beri powderful one ok….