Outsource crap

Went for a meeting on behalf of my sub-teamlead because he is on leave. Nothing much actually. Most things are more or less settled by him on the previous meeting. This meeting is just to tie up some loose end and an update of the new timeline.

Appearantly, there is a delay in the schedule. All because a portion of the stuff is outsourced to china and the staff in china reported that they can’t do it. Then how? Singapore staff do lor.

Perhaps it has become such that our existance in the company is merely to do things the china staff can’t do or errors they have created.

Sometimes I wonder if it is just that our company is unlucky that we got such lousy group of people for outsource. Well, it seems that my company is not alone. Happen to bump into a blog who also have problem with india outsource staff.

Which sometimes makes you really wonder…. WHY OUTSOURCE???

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