Stereotyping guys with soccer

Whenever I tell someone that I don’t really watch soccer, they gave me a shock expression. Most people will assume that all guys watch soccer, support at least 1 soccer club and can talk about soccer 24/7.

Well, I don’t. And I know some guys who doesn’t too.
Are guys being sterotyped? I think so.

And the sterotyping is getting from bad to worst. The media is now sterotyping guys by saying that they will dump their wife/gf over world cup. And soccer is the most important thing in life. There is even a new term for gf/wife who were neglected during the world cup. They are call soccer widow.

Come on lah. Got that serious meh?

Anyway, I don’t really watch much soccer. But then, its the world cup. Maybe I’ll find a few friends to go pub for a drink and watch a match. Its more for the mood and get together rather than soccer.

Oh ya. If you have a PalmOS PDA, you can try downloading this program that helps keep track of matches and scores. Cool huh?


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