Expired insecticide

Da Qiang (cockroaches with wings. Xiao Qiang is cockroaches without wings) came visit my room today. I hate Da Qiang. I’m not scared of them. If it is Xiao Qiang, I might still give it a few minutes to find its way to the window and out of my house. But I never give chances to Da Qiang.

I don’t remember when was the last time we use insecticide at home. We seldom have cockroaches visiting our house as we live in high storey. The bottle of insecticide looks quite old.

The problem with Da Qiang is that, they never keep still and they like to be at the celling. Need to plan how to kill it. I can’t take a chair and climb to the celling to shoot it. I’ll be too vulnerable. You know, these fellows will always fly like mad when you spray insecticide. I guess the best way is for me to jump, shoot and duck.

So I wait for a chance to attack. I jump and pulled the trigger….. IA!! IA!!!

For those who never been to army before, IA means Immediate Action. You shout that to your assistance during range when the bullet is jammed inside your rifle.

Something is wrong with the spray can. The insecticide doesn’t come out as fast as it is suppose to. I tried shaking it and spray again. Abit of the insecticide came out, but not enough to kill the Da Qiang. I have no choice but to do it for a few times before Da Qiang falls on the ground and struggle. Once at the ground, its much easier to shoot. So I aimed at the head and spray the insecticide. I guess it is dead.

I stare at the defeated Da Qiang as it struggle on the ground. Waiting for it to die so that I can collect the body and carry on with my daily life. But somehow, it just keep struggling for a few long minutes. Something is wrong. It shouldn’t be struggling for so long.

Don’t tell me that the insecticide has expired…….

Poor Da Qiang. Struggling on the ground but couldn’t die. It must be suffering alot of pain. I wanted run down to 7-11 to get a new bottle of insecticide so that I can end its life quickly. But the lazy me decided not to.

30 Minutes later…. it is still struggling. But weaker. Sorry Da Qiang. I promise I’ll get a new bottle of insecticide soon.


  1. hahas. lastime i was also faced with the problem of a large pool of ants loitering at my computer table. i took my olden insecticide too . but i didnt spray them. i put it near them, so that they get the hint, and go back to their nice little homes. hahas. cos im afraid to clear their dead bodies .

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