My friend rob bank one

A friend of mine started a company to sell watch online. But they are no ordinary watch.

Seriously, I’ve never heard of those brands before. Anyone heard of Muhle Glashutte? Or rather, can anyone pronounce the brand name? I’ve come to learn that the harder the brand name pronunciation is, the more expensive it will be.

No kidding man. 1 watch for more than $2000. And we are talking about USD here. Just watch leh. No special features like WIFI or Bluetooth. Can’t even brew coffee. Just tell time only.

And if you think USD$2000 is expensive, wait till you see this. $4800!!!! Wah piang.

Oh ya…. he still got some watch not listed on the website cause no credit card has enough credit limits to swipe through. $0.75 million.

If you are into watches, go visit his site at gnomonwatches. And prepare a few thousand dollars to spare. (He promise to give me commission for customers referred by my blog. hahahahaha…..)

Told you he rob bank already…..


  1. If you are interested, I’m certain they will be able to get you any watches you want including the the UN Tourbillon at a discounted price.
    And DK can earn from the commission too. 😀

  2. You sure or not? If they got that watch u sure buy??? $0.25m leh.

    I’m sure he can arrange. But you sure you want to wear your HDB flat on your hand? haha…

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