Key Performance Index

Was assigned to give the users of another team a briefing on the process of handling request. After a short meeting on what to brief the users, I had a little chat with the teamlead of that team. He feels that this task will be my Key Performance Index or KPI for the year as I’m supposed to brief a director too. KPI is something that they use to judge your performance and decide how much increment you should get blah blah blah.

To me, I feel that my teamlead don’t even bother much about this task. The reason he asked me to do it is because someone has to do the job and he so happen to find me first. Whatever my performance at the briefing that I’m going to give mid next month will have totally no impact on my KPI.

But seriously, I don’t really bother about the so call KPI. So what if it is something that will affect my KPI? So what if it doesn’t? Its just a job assigned to me that I have to do. Do I need to put in extra efforts for task that will affect my KPI? Isn’t that abit fake?

I’m not like some people who chase those KPI stuff. I enjoy challenging task. KPI or not, I don’t give a damn.

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