Sometimes I feel sorry for some people.

We were chatting at the lift lobby while waiting for someone. Her hands are full and she was eating something. So I offered to hold her handbag for her. Another female colleague walked pass and noticed that I was holding a handbag and she made a big hoo-ha over it. Didn’t really bother much about her actually. Later in the afternoon, 1 of my friend told me that she told quite a number of people that I helped someone hold her handbag.

What is wrong with holding a handbag for a lady when her hands are full? Is there anything wrong with being a gentleman? I always help ladies carry heavy stuff, open door and do some stuff. What is the hoo-ha about?

Perhaps no guy had been a nice towards her before. Nobody help her hold her handbag when her hands are full. Nobody help her carry heavy stuff. Nobody opens the door for her. Perhaps she has never seen a gentleman before in her entire whole life. That why she make a big hoo-ha over it.

Feel so sorry for her.
Perhaps its not that there isn’t any gentleman around her, but just that none of them treats her like a lady.

The mountian tortoise me finally went up to Top of the M for the first time. Nice place. Cool view. Great drinks. Too bad I’m driving. Can’t take any alcoholic drinks.

Maybe next time.