The drilling is killing me

The fever has gone down.
The headache isn’t as bad as yesterday.
The giddiness is still there because I slept too much.

But all these are alright…. its the damn drilling that is killing me now. The drilling by the workers for the lift upgrading. They have been drilling since 9am. I don’t know what the heck are they drilling. Got so much things to drill meh? When are they going to stop?

Dad’s famous phrase when we complaint about the upgrading:
“Who ask you all to vote yes for the upgrading that time?”

But then, our 1 vote don’t make much different when more than 95% of the resident voted for a yes. Argh…. have to endure the noise and pollution…. Wondering how long more do they have to take.

Feel like taking my laptop and go out. But feeling abit weak and get tired easily. See how later.

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