Maria on holiday again

Maria went on holiday again. This time, she went to france. Her friend getting married to a french guy. Heard that the guy’s family is from some noble family or something and they owns a castle. Whatever…..

Whenever Maria is not around, I’ll need to be the maid of the house. Do all the washing. Its simple task, throw the dirty clothles into washing machine and hang it out once the wash cycle completes. BUT if its a simple task, they why can’t someone go invent a device that picks up dirty clothles from the laundry basket and puts it into the washing machine? Why can’t they make it hang the clothles out to dry? And fold the clothles and put them in the drawer once they are dry?

Wait… Someone DID invented that. Just that we didn’t employ a domestic helper. But then, sometimes it feel weird to have a domestic helper around. You can’t appear half naked after your shower. It just feel weird to have a stranger in your house.

Ok, keep the long post short. Need to go wash the clothles then go out liao. This 2 weeks will be good practice. After all, Maria will be getting married early next year and I’ll have to takeover the “Maria” role.

The house just feels weird without a female member…….


  1. Eh, actually after hearing you talking about Maria here, Maria there for some time..

    Who the hell is Maria anyway??

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