Unrealistic target

Had a meeting today regarding the target setting for our team. The target set by the top management for our team is kinda unrealistic. 1 of the requirement is totally beyond our control. In order to meet that target, we must make sure other team meet their target. If they don’t meet the target, their job will affect us and we will also not be able to meet the target. Which is kinda unfair.

But the most unrealistic target is the 1 that says we cannot make more than 3 error during testing phrase. HUH? Testing leh. Of cos there will be error and of cos there will be more than 3 errors. How to you prevent error during testing phrase? If testing is error free, then why in the first place do you need testing?

It is almost impossible to meet less than 3 error per request. All my team mates protested against this unrealistic target set by top management. But there is nothing my teamlead can do about it.

But I calm everyone down by saying “Don’t worry. Everyone, including other team, will not be able to meet that target. At least when you ganna scolding, you know you are not alone. The whole entire project will be together”

I guess we can all ignore that unrealistic target.


  1. set yrself n the team to tis target…but suggest to whoever is the ‘teamlead’, that if this can be done…disband the testing team, and UAT users; cos there is no requirement for them anyway…

  2. How about doing a testing before a testing. So the first testing results need not be log because it is not the official testing. :p

    Seriously, can set up another system just for testing so that it’ll not be counted towards the 3 limit?

  3. Stanley: How to disband them? You also know some of them are useless 1. You got more encounters with them than me.

    Cobalt Paladin: Then what the point of having the testing? Testing is meant for catching bugs. If you going to restrict the number of bugs, then why test?

  4. Sigh… It was stupid of the management to come out with unrealistic goals. So my idea is to show them their stupidity. I won’t be surprised if the management actually agrees to setup another system just for the pre-test testing.

  5. The intention is good, but communicating it can be improved.

    The mgnt. probably wants to reduce the amount of errors produced.

    Perhaps, rather than pinpointing X number of bugs, they should first attempt to reduce number of bugs produced by Y%.
    Ongoing reviews on what kind of bugs are reported will also helps know which area needs more attention to.

    3 bugs is achievable. Just slice up the project into very small module. And test it twice or thrice as frequently.

    Testing more frequently also means project time lengthens. So, it goes back to the same balance.
    Budget (or Money), Scope, and Time.

    Some say choose 2. I say choose 1 (as the top priority).

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