Window Live only support WinXP

I was wondering why my MSN never bug me to upgrade to the new Window Live. Usually when there is a new version, the MSN will bug me to upgrade whenever I log in. But this time it didn’t, and I wonder why.

Thought that Microsoft finally decided not to bug their user to upgrade, I went to download the new Window Live voluntarily by myself…… ONLY to discover that this new version of MSN doesn’t support Windows 2000.

OK, you might be wondering…. why am I still on Win2k? I hate WinXP seriously. Firstly, I got a few “legacy” devices that doesn’t work on WinXP.
Secondly, I don’t like the way that WinXP try to take over task like managing your bluetooth, winzip etc etc
Thirdly, I hate that STUPID popup bubble at the bottom righthand corner which seems IMPOSSIBLE to remove.

I have no choice to use WinXP on my laptop….. but I choose to remain at Win2k on my desktop. Feel that Win2k is the best OS ever by Microsoft. (Well, the BEST OS got to be MacOS Tiger, but I don’t have a Mac yet.)

Anyway, I got a message telling me to upgrade my OS before installing Window Live. Upgrade OS just to use your stupid new MSN? I rather stick to the old version.

Why am I still on a Window? I should be using a Mac……
**Look at Apple Store**
iMac from SGD$2188. Anyone buying that for my birthday present? 😀


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