The broken chin up bar

Haven’t been doing much chin up ever since the chin up bar gave up on me. Keep asking dad to bring the electric drill from his office so that I could secure the screw on to the wall. But he keep forgetting and I keep forgetting to remind him.

As my ICT is coming, I decided that it is time to swing back to action again. So I finally remembered to remind dad to bring the electric drill back. Tried to drill the screw and nut back to the door frame. But it didn’t secure properly. Decide to use a hammer to hit the screw in….. BAD MOVE.

The plastic nut broke into 2 pieces.

I wonder if they sell just the plastic nut and screw alone. Else I’ll have to buy a new chin up bar. Argh…..

For the mean time, I have no choice but to use the public chin up bar at the parks.

Managed to find this isolated chin up bar at the Jurong Lake Park. It better to use a chin up bar where nobody can see. Don’t wanna make a fool out of myself infront of so many people.

The feeling is just not the same. Its better to have a chin up bar at home, on the door frame of your room. Oh well… better than nothing right?

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