Waive the charges

I always thought this is a known fact until I bump into a few people who never knew about this.

It is possible to get the credit card company to waive the annual fee charges. Almost 99.9% chance of getting it waived. I just called up Citibank yesterday to get them to waived that $60 annual fee on my Ready Credit account which I never use. Its simple, just call and tell them to waive it. No questions asked. If they don’t (Which I heard some customer service does), just say you would like to cancel it. And they will offer to waive it for you. Even if you never used the card before, they will most likely waive it for you too. After all, they rather you hold the card and use it than earn that mere $60 from you.

Anyone paid annual fee for credit cards? I hope not. But I heard that its harder to get waiver for Gold card and Platinum card. Not sure if it is true.

Anyway, its not only annual fee that can be waived. Late payment charges, together with the interest incured, can be waived too. I forgot to pay the bill for my UOB mini few weeks back. So I called to ask for waiver. The customer service ask why I didn’t pay on time and I simply replied that I forgotten. And he waive that $25 late payment charges and interest. OK, this trick only works after you pay your bills.

If they refuse to waive it, just say you want to cancel the card. Simple as that.

2 phone calls to 2 credit card companies and saved me $85. 😀


  1. Don’t be surprised that some people don’t know. I got a colleague who been paying Annual Fees for many years until I told him that can waive 1.

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