Doing what i excel best

Its been a long time since I was assigned a task that I excel in. Ever since I was transfered to another sub team, I’ve been doing new stuff that I’m not familar with. The feeling of being unsure of many thing that I do isn’t great. Sometimes feel so shitty because I just don’t understand how a lot of things work. Can be quite demoralising sometimes.

When I saw the email saying we need to do that task that I excel in, I was kinda delighted. Its been a long time since I’m assigned with something that I know exactly what I doing and feel that I’m in total control. Its sort of like an ego booster.

The task has been completed. The after-feeling is great.

Now, back to the new stuff that I’m not familar with.

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  1. hey the starting is always uncertain. Once you get the hang, you start to excel and the delight is like a dejavu. Dont loose heart keep up the good work.

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