Evening gown

I went to search for the definition of evening gown after seeing the one wore by Miss Universe Singapore.

From wikipedia: An evening gown or gown is the general name given to a lady’s dress worn to a formal affair.

I don’t know how did this ever gets classified as evening gown. Its not even formal at all. It reveal too much flesh till a point that it makes the wearer look slutty instead of elegant. Yes, she got good figure, but showing off the figure is during the swimsuit segment. Not the evening gown segment.

What the heck is the designer thinking?


  1. Actually I kinda think the dress was quite unique, in a positive sense. If only the wearer was covered up a bit more, ie: there is no split in the gown.. The miniskirt looked like a pair of hotpants and made the wearer look short though.

    Heh, she kinda looked like Bai Ling with the hairstyle and the special gown…

  2. Ya.. i think so too.. somehow, it juz dun fit into the image that an evening gown should potray… hmmm… or am i too conservative in thinking???

  3. Its not about conservative or not. Showing of flesh is alright. But you should show it with more class.

    And this is a Evening Gown Segment lor.

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