Mission Accomplished

Thought this would be some Mission Impossible.

Lightstick are easily available at the Beach Road Army Market. But white lightstick? I don’t remember seeing a white lightstick back in army days. My 1st question was, do they exist?

Well, a search on the internet reveal that they do exist.
Anyway, got them at a stall in Beach Road Army Market.

It looks abit blue-ish actually. But that is because of the surrounding light. When we place it into the original package, its pure white.


The white inflatable cheer stick/ Clapper is abit tricky too. In the first place, I’m not even sure the real name for the item. There are actually a couple of names for it. Cheer Stick, Thunder Stick, Clapper etc etc etc.

Anyway, found 1 on the internet, but its rather expensive. So we settle for a cheaper one at Beach Road Concourse.

Start counting down to party.


  1. Do I get a treat from u for helping u complete ur Mission Impossible? 😛 At least I’m the one who tell u where to get them rite??? 😉

  2. Actually hor, before you told me abt concourse, already got people told my friend that concourse got already.


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