It just feel weird not reading mrbrown’s column on Friday. Do all the bad things have to happen on friday? We have friday the 13, bloody friday and black friday. Now we got a brownless friday.

I re-read the ‘offending article’ by mrbrown several times. Then I read the letter from MICA. Did mrbrown distort the truth? Or is it someone just simply refuse to accept that this is the truth.

It is a sad day, not just for bloggers, but for all Singaporeans. Once again, we proven to the world that we are a country without much freedom of speech. We are already at 147th in the index of press freedom ranking. At this rate we are going, we will take over North Korea’s title in a few years time.


Inspired by Molson beer “I am Canadian” commercial (this is the video from Youtube) and following call from mrbrown in the wake of yet another fare hike.

Here is my version of “I am Singaporean”


I’m not a white horse, or a PSB Scholar, and I live in a HDB flat, drink Newater and take MRT. And I don’t know George, Vivian or Balaji from Singapore although I’m feel they’re not doing a good job.

I have an elected president who has never been voted. I speak English, Mandarin and mostly Singlish, and I pronounce it “Ang Moh”, not “Eng More”.

I cannot hang my country’s flag after August. I call it fare hike, not revise; Casino, not Integrated Resort; and the merlion must be a cross bred between a fish and a lion.

A peanut cost 600k, A strong mandate is 66.6%, and PAP really stands for Pay And Pay.

Singapore is the smallest country in South East Asia. Lions will qualify for World Cup 2010! And no upgrading for opposition constituency.

My name is DK! And I am Singaporean!
… Thanks hor.

Teamlead asked me into the meeting room today morning to discuss something. He need to transfer 1 staff to another project and asked if I’m interested in going over.

The project is rather new. Although I’m not very sure exactly what they are doing, but they do require C programming which I’m not using currently.

Actually, I’m quite ok with programming. After all, I’m quite good in programming modules back in poly days. Just that I haven’t been using C for quite some time already and need a bit of refresher. Which I’m quite alright with. The new team should promise new challenges for me. Something that I can’t experience in my present team.

The only concern I have is with changes. I just changed to a new subteam sometime in March and starting to get the hang of the task required. It’s kinda sian to transfer to another team again now. I like working with my current team, although sometimes I don’t like the way my sub teamlead handle things. But overall, it is still a nice team to work with.

Should I leave the comfort of my current team to venture to something new?

I have until Friday to revert….

The fever has gone down.
The headache isn’t as bad as yesterday.
The giddiness is still there because I slept too much.

But all these are alright…. its the damn drilling that is killing me now. The drilling by the workers for the lift upgrading. They have been drilling since 9am. I don’t know what the heck are they drilling. Got so much things to drill meh? When are they going to stop?

Dad’s famous phrase when we complaint about the upgrading:
“Who ask you all to vote yes for the upgrading that time?”

But then, our 1 vote don’t make much different when more than 95% of the resident voted for a yes. Argh…. have to endure the noise and pollution…. Wondering how long more do they have to take.

Feel like taking my laptop and go out. But feeling abit weak and get tired easily. See how later.

Haven’t been falling sick for a long time. Sort of forgotten the feeling of having a fever and feeling weak. The feeling is terrible. Wouldn’t wanna go thru it again.

Well… at least I have MC for a day. 😀