Another colleague leaving

Another colleague will be leaving us. Going to have another reshuffle soon.

Wondering who will take over his position.

We are really going shorthanded soon. 3 person left our team within 1 month. 1 person on 3 month maternity leave. Another person on 1 month MC after an operation.


I don’t have the experience to take over his position. But experience is not the considering factor. Nobody have experience from the beginning. Its only when you jump into the water then you’ll learn how to swim.

I feel that the only thing that is holding my teamlead back from giving me his task is my level. I’m still a Junior Officer. He is a Senior Officer. Everyone who is doing that task is a Senior Officer.

Although I don’t have the experience to take over his task, I feel that I could still handle it with some guidance. The only issue is my level.

And it is not that my teamlead doesn’t want to promote me to Senior Officer. It because I haven’t got my degree yet. HR rules says that Senior Officer need to have a degree. End of the day, its still that stupid piece of paper.


He gave me some good advice. He suggested that perhaps I should change the way I do thing. Instead of going into the codings myself, I should change my focus to assigning them to the outsource staff in china. And I should concentrate more on cross team coordination.

Which in a way make some sense. Isn’t that what my teamlead does all the time? Perhaps I should do that too.

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