Annoying advertisement

Board a MRT train filled with M1 advertisement. Even the windows are not spared. Half of the window is covered with picture of a man on a boat. Can’t really see what is outside.

That is alright with me actually. Anyway, its not the first time they covered the window with advertisement. The bus are famous for doing that too. But the annoying part is that they also play a pre-recorded advertisement thru their PA system before the train reaches every station.

And its the same bloody message.

“*tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut*
Live your world mobile with M1. One Life, live it.
*tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut* *tut*”

The *tut* is similar to the sound they play when the door is closing. Anyone got any good website to recommend so that I can upload the sound files?

What the heck is wrong with the marketing people at M1?
Firstly, why the need for that irritating *tut* sound?
Secondly, if I want to use your product, I would had done so after seeing that guy on the boat. If I don’t want to use your product, no matter how many times you play that annoying advertisement, I still won’t use your product. Isn’t the printed ads enough already?

Try imagine taking a train from Bugis to Lakeside. Total 14 station. Which means I have to listen to your bloody advertisement 14 times. And I’m actually paying for my ride on the train. Why am I being tortured by your annoying advertisement?

If your marketing director cannot imagine how annoying this stupid advertisement is, perhaps you can try playing the advertisement in his office every 3min interval and see if he gets annoyed or not. Wake up your ideas!

Luckily I have a quality noise reduction earphone for my MP3 player. Else I’ll get off the train and wait for the next one.


  1. its very annoying, I agree. its only good if you’re falling asleep and the tut’s wake you up so that you don’t miss your stop. apart from that, its still annoying, overall.

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