Caribee Predator

I applied for Credit Card because of 3 reason. Convenient payment, discount and rewards.

Finally accumlated enough points to redeem reward. Was browsing the credit card website when I found a backpack that look nice. Haven’t been using a backpack since the last one broke few years back. Thought it would be nice to get one.

Caribee Predator.
Usual price is $79.90, but I got it free with 1880 citipoints. 😀

Its look nice and is rather spacious. I managed to put my laptop in and have plenty of spaces inside. There is only 1 small compartment inside for discman, which I use to put my PDA. Wish there could be more inner compartment for my other gadgets. 😀
It doesn’t really go well with my working attire. So most likely I’ll be using it on friday or weekend only.

Got it for last than a week and it’s already been helping me alot. Everything also squeeze in.

I’m a urban predator.

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