Sometimes, it can be a dilemma when dealing with the china outsource staff.

On 1 hand, you need to send work to them. The top management wants us to make full use of them so that we can be free to handle tougher cases and be more effecient in out work.

On the other hand, sometimes sending them things will end up in you re-doing everything or spending more time verifying their work than you do it yourself from the start.

Take last week as example. User requested that we send them some documentation of old stuff that we did. Forward the email to china side and ask them to retrive the document from the server. They came back and told me they found all but 1. So I went to search for the document. Also can’t find. Something is wrong. So I checked the database and discovered that the user made a typo mistake. Why can’t the china staff check the database when he can’t find the documentation?

Ok, this is nothing. After all, its the user who made a mistake 1st.

Then I got this simple request on hand which I don’t have time to do. Its a very simple request. I’ve done similar stuff once. So I forward to china side and ask them to do it. I even gave them instructions that they can copy the codes that I’ve done before as its exactly the same. In the end, the work they send back to me is full of errors. It was so bad that I have to send it back to them and ask them to redo.

If you make mistakes when doing coding, maybe I can still understand. But give you things ask you to copy, you also can copy wrongly. I don’t know what the heck you guys are thinking.

Outsourcing….. argh…

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