What do people at marketing dept eat?

I saw a request recently that was being raised by our marketing dept. Basically, the revenue for product D is falling due to competitions and technology improvements. The demand for product D is falling since its a rather old product.

To deal with the drop of revenue, the marketing dept people decide to INCREASE the pricing for product D. Yeap, you heard me right, they are going to increase the pricing. To cover for the lost of revenue.

Exactly, what food do they eat? I ask my colleague this question and he told me that its certainly not the same type of food we ate. If we all eat the same food, how come they can come up with such stupid idea?

Increase the pricing to cover the lost of revenue?
With competitions and better technology, customer will either change company or use other product. And we depends on these marketing people to earn money for the company.

I think we are doomed.

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