9th Aug

Its the same old format every year.

Pre-parade segment.
Contingent march in.
Guard of Honour (GOH) march in.
Sing Tamil Song.
MPs come in.
Sing Malay Song.
Ministers come in.
Sing Chinese Song.
Prime Minister’s car enters the stadium.
Sing English theme Song.
President’s car enters the stadium.
Chin hook carrying flag fly by while singing national anthem.
3 F16 fly pass the stadium follow by 5 aeroplane fly by in a ‘fan’ formation.
President review the GOH while arty do 21 gun salute.
President’s rover and go round the stadium.
GOH fire 3 rounds in the air.
GOH and Contigent march out of the stadium.
Performance from 3 organisation.
Sing English theme song again.
Sing Song.
2nd round of fireworks
Pledge and National Anthem.
President leave.
The end.

Perhaps they should change the format or something.


  1. Its always the same, but every year, I get the same sense of nostalgia watching the formations line up and the march-past.

  2. Dk, what do you expect? The president to do inline skating into the stadium in his pink panties?

    Or the MM, SM, PM come cycling in like those shanghai circus team? Heee

  3. Paddy: Good idea. After all, the president, MM, SM and PM salary so high, should ask them come out and perform abit. Make my money worth it.

    But pls… no need for the pink panties. Just inline skate into the stadium will do.

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