Last impression

One of my colleague from another team is leaving the company tomorrow. Its always sad to see good staff leave the office. She is one of them.

Although I hardly work with her, I knew that she is very dedicated to her work.


Have been taking over a project from my sub teamlead. The project is in kinda mess. Too many parties involved. Too many last minutes change of requirements. And the worst part is, I wasn’t involved in the initial stage and thus am unsure of many things.

As a result, there were many errors and some of them impacted her job and she have to settle it before she leave the company tomorrow.

I hate it when things were done halfway and handed over to me. You don’t know exactly what the previous person did and what did he miss out. Most of the errors are because I thought my sub teamlead had already done that before handing over to me.

OK, this is not an excuse. I should had done a sweep of the coding to check what my sub teamlead left out.

Anyway, that was a bad last impression. I once heard someone telling me that she felt that I’m quite ‘zai’ in my work.

Well… I guess this project will change her impression of me…. totally.

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