Waste my effort

Mopped the floor yesterday afternoon. The floor is rather dusty lately because of the lift upgrading stuff.
The corridor is full of dust because they just did some drilling few days ago. After mopping, the floor is much cleaner.

It rained last night and the wind is rather strong. As a result, the dust from outside were blown into the house thru the small gap below the door.
Now my floor is dusty again. Should have mopped the floor today.


Was rushing to get some codes promoted into the test environment for tester to test. The testing is supposed to start today. The timeline was so tight that I have to OT on Monday and rush the whole day on Tuesday just to get things completed on time. All because Wednesday was a public holiday.

But some job failed on Wednesday night, resulting in my coding not being copied over to the testing environment. Thus, the tester could not start the testing today. And I waste my effort rushing so much.

Could have done it in my normal pace and no need for OT.

Oh well…..

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