Goodbye Parking Idiot

I guess the blog owner of the parkingidiot blog has decided to stop.

It was a great site actually. Kinda fun looking at how some jokers park their car. T and I would sometimes joke about submitting each other’s parking photo to the site whenever we park slightly off the line. My personal fav got to be this. Parked exactly on the centre line. It really take lots of skills to park this way.

Although I like the site alot, sometimes I don’t really like the comments put up by the blog owners. Too sarcastic I feel. Yes, the person may be an idiot parking in such a way, but I guess there is no need for such tone.

I still remember submitting one entry some time in May. I did wrote some comments in my email to the parkingidiot blog owner. I thought the blog owner will use my comment. But instead, he wrote his own sarcastic remarks on the posting. But well, I guess that is his own style.

And perhaps the reason why there were so many hatred comments in the blog is because of his sarcastic remarks. Perhaps it would be nicer if he could tone down the sarcastic comments and let readers make their own judgements.

Anyway, the last entry on the blog is on 5 June 2006. Been 2 months plus already. Guess its a goodbye an interesting idea. The parkingidiot blog inspired a couple of blog with similar idea. There is this poblemengrish blog that feature bad english in Singapore. And a rudesingaporeans blog that feature rude Singaporean behavior. The good thing about these blog is that they make us reflect upon ourselves when we look at the entries.

A ‘bo liao’ side of me wanted to start another parking idiot blog for everyone to send their parking idiot photos. If I start 1, I’ll surely need to enlist few people to help out to run the site. Its hard doing a one man show thing. And most likely no sarcastic remarks.

Should I or should I not?


  1. Thank you for mentioning my site. I think it is natural to have comments and even questions asking why start this blog in the first place too.

    There is no pleasing anyone.

  2. Hi DK…

    Thanks for the support of the Parking Idiots blog. Was just browsing around and noticed that you were a regular of my site.

    Well, I was away for awhile – but now Parking Idiots is back and even livelier than usual!

    I respect your wish for a toned down version – but I think I’ll stick with the insults and sarcasm – can’t really insult people like this in real life – might as well make the most of it online, anonymously. Ha! Ha!

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