2 corona and a hoegaarden later

Still not drunk. Something is wrong.
Still walking straight. Still feeling normal.

Lack the floating and the high feeling I’m searching for.
Should I keep trying or quit?


After failing the 6th time in my life, I guess the problem must be with me.
No matter what I do, it just isn’t right.

Perhaps I should just give up.


How do you blog about something that you never mentioned in your blog before?

Do I have to blog about the beginning or do I just blog about what’s happening now? If I blog about what’s happening now, will everyone understand what am I saying? If I blog about the beginning, will anyone read?


On the outside, many people tot that I’m happy. But am I?
I haven’t managed to be happy for the past weeks already. And it looks like this is going to last for quite some time

Does anyone know what I really want? And will they give me what I want?


I just want to be appreciated for the things I’ve done.


  1. It is your blog. Write anything you want which ever way you feel like it. Be it the middle, the end or the beginning. Just let your feelings flow out naturally. Blogging is supposedly therapeutic. Blogging is for yourself.

  2. Sometimes it may not be your fault. A lot of things cannot only depend on you alone only. Go think about what is it that you really want. Afterall, what matters most is that you have to be happy. If not then why bother?

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