Pissed off

I was expecting something to go wrong from the start.

The project was handed over to me halfway. Documentation is in a mess. Codes are in a bigger mess. I should had insisted the person to clean up everything before handing over.

The request is to do A, B and C. So he code all of them and put inside the script and insert into the test server. Halfway thru development stage, the requester decided that he don’t want B anymore.

Logically, most people will remove B from the script right? NO…. he add additional coding at the end of the script to set B to obsolete. The same exact script is suppose to be use for inserting into the main server. You want to insert redundant codes into the main server? Come on, if the requester doesn’t want B anymore, just remove B from the script. Why go insert B, set it to obsolete in the main server? Argh.

The coding is so messy that I have to re-extract the codes from testing server. Couldn’t use the messy script. I simply don’t understand what is up his mind when he was doing the script.

I missed out something during the re-extraction and now there is an error. Damn.

And to add salt to the wound, he came over and ask why I didn’t use his script. Why did I go and re-extract the codes? HELLO… you think I eat full nothing to do is it? Do you know how long it takes for me to extract your bloody codings from the developement server? Now you come and ask me WHY I never you your good for nothing messy script. I endured. I don’t want to say much. I just said his script is messy.

Then when we start seeing the bigger impact of the error, he come and ask me AGAIN WHY I NEVER USE HIS SCRIPT. I couldn’t take it and I pour out everything that is in my mind. Pointing out every single fault I find in his script. But he still insist that his method is correct. Saying its better to add USELESS coding into the main server than having missed out coding. I WOULDN’T HAVE MISS OUT THE CODING IF YOU BLOODY FOLLOW THE METHOD THAT EVERY DOES! Why can’t you just edit your script so that I can reuse it?

My fault…. I should had just ignore everything and just insert those reduntant codes in…. Why do I even bother in the first place?


  1. Nope. No hints.

    Eh, next time can identify yourself or not? Although most anonymous comments are from u, but at least log in to blogger then post comments lah. 😛

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